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Recommended Moving Checklist

2+ Months Until The Move


Clean and Dispose
Do an inventory of what you want to keep and throw away. Consider what items need delicate handling or specific insurance.

Make A Document Folder
Create a folder to hold all paperwork - financial receipts, moving estimates, room inventory, etc.

Take Care Of School Records
Visit your children's school(s) and request their records be sent to the new education district.

1 Month Until The Move


Order Moving Supplies
Purchase or arrange boxes, tape, packing material, mind writing utensils (markers or sharpies). Also, buy any unique boxes you need, such as wardrobe containers.

Hire The Moving Company
Determine who you want to move your valuables and procure their services. Get a written quote that lists the big day, associated costs, and any relevant details.

Start Packing
Begin with things you don't use very often. Garage items, sports and exercise equipment, anything collecting dust in your closet are possible candidates. Clearly mark the contents of each box. Write which room each container should go to.

Take Care Of Valuables
Put important items, such as passports, jewelry, and keepsakes in a safe box you will take care of rather than the movers. Keep the Document Folder here.

Change Your Address
Visit a local branch of the United States Postal Service, or usps.gov to change your address. Alert pertinent parties of your impending move, such as local utilities (gas, water, electric), insurance providers (home, auto, renter's), financial institutions, the human resource department at your place of employment, and periodical subscriptions.

Time Off
Schedule a day off (or more as needed) from work for the move.

2 Weeks Until The Move


Touch Base With Movers

Contact your moving company and verify your moving date, cost, and details.

2-3 Days Until The Move


Get Packed
Make sure you and your family are packed

Clean Out And Defrost The Refrigerator
Throw out perishable food you do not plan to take. If you are taking the refrigerator, defrost it and the freezer a day or more before the move.

Prepare Payment
If you are not paying the moving company electronically, prepare paper payment, such as money orders, checks, and/or cash. Remember to set aside enough (10-15% of the fee) for a tip.

Day Of The Move


Wait for the movers to arrive and move everything from your old home to your new home.

Make sure everything in where it belongs at your new place.

Have a great move!

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